"Zentrum ApartHotel" is a particular place on the map of Chisinau. The hotel is located in a building that dates back to 1875, built with the participation of the renowned architect Alexander Bernardazzi.

The first owner of the building where "Zentrum ApartHotel" is located was Sevastia Balabanova — a great connoisseur and patron of fine arts. She opened an art gallery on the ground floor of the new house. Young painters from Chisinau as well as from many other cities and foreigners had their works exhibited in that gallery. The artists would than as well stay overnight at her house, occupying rooms that are part of what our hotels offers for our guests right now.

Already half a century ago the place was infused with love towards art and it is still full of it nowadays. We want to convey to you the spirit of cultural traditions by offering rooms that were made in memory of the great artists of the past and in the honor of the important artist of our days. From Vincent van Gogh to Wassily Kandinsky and from Arush Votsmush to Mark Verlan…

Welcome to "Zentrum ApartHotel".